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Not only does Barrio Works put great value in training at-risk youth; we also care greatly about offering affordable repair services and making quality new or used bicycles available to our under-resourced community. Many folks in our neighborhood use bikes as their main source of livelihood and transportation, and yet don't have enough money to buy a new bike from a department store, let alone a high-end, cycling shop. Thus, we offer bargain used bikes for as little as $25, as a way to get folks back on the road.

All of our used bikes come to us as donations from people like you! Please consider donating your old bike to our program. All your donations are fully tax-deductible, plus you get the satisfaction of supporting our apprenticeship program for at-risk youth.

While we rely heavily on the generosity of donors, there are some bicycle donations we cannot accept. Here are some guidelines:

  • Bikes should be in a good maintainable state. Please, no severe rust, damage, or disrepair.
  • We love to receive road bikes, bmx's, and beach cruisers! We will take any repairable bike whether it is a vintage steel frame or a modern hi-tech model. Our youth learn valuable skills on these models and our community appreciates solid, reliable bikes.
  • Department store bikes (like those from Target or Wal-Mart) are often designed to be disposable, rather than repairable, because they feature low grade steel and plastic parts that have a limited lifespan and cannot be replaced or repaired with the assurance of bike safety. Unless they are in a nearly-new condition, these bikes usually have to go straight to the scrap yard.
  • Bike parts and tools are accepted as long as they are in decent working shape.
  • From time to time, we run out of storage space and have to turn away good donations. In order to avoid this inconvenience, please call ahead to let us know if you plan on bringing some donations down to the shop. 602-889-1378

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